Marketing Through Blogging

Marketing Through Blogging

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Why Use Blogs
Blogs have expanded from being a personal activity to a business activity. The first blogs to be published online served only as channels for personal expression. These days, as the activity has evolved immensely, blogging has also become a marketing tool.

Blogs serve many different purposes. While individuals and companies have varied reasons for engaging in the activity, suffice it to say that both have reaped benefits from the simple acts of writing, sharing information and engaging a community. Let's begin by enumerating each of these benefits.

The Blog as a Form of Self Expression
The very first reason for blogging is self-expression. As a mouthpiece for creative output, the blog is very successful in making every individual heard or, at the very least, in giving an individual a space in which to write freely.

The Blog as a Form of Income Generating Activity
For individuals, especially mothers who blog and work from home, the blog has shifted from being just another mother's place to rant, but also a place in which to augment income. Blog sponsorship, advertising spots, blog reviews, product reviews and text links are but a few of the many income streams one blog can maximize. The blog has enabled the average Joe (or Jane) to make money online.

The Blog as a Marketing Tool
Affiliate marketing benefit from blogging in such a way that it raises awareness for the product being marketed. Gone are the days when squeeze pages are the sole lifeblood of an affiliate marketing campaign. These days, people want more than just receiving scheduled email campaigns containing canned text and over-hyped sales letters. People want current, relevant information. They want some form of engagement. Every wonder why Facebook and Twitter are so popular? The blog can do what Facebook and Twitter do, too, and at a more personal, more targeted level. Engaging people whose needs can be met by a particular product is a very important aspect of affiliate marketing, hence the pressing need for a blog.

People have changed the way they use the Internet and consume information. They are more connected and engaged, wanting more genuine stimulation and conversation. The rise of the blog from being a personal outlet of emotions and chronicles of the daily grind, to an effective means of generating income for both individuals and businesses had been written and talked about countless times. The truth remains, that although the blog may have various reasons for existence, its positive influence and success can never be denied.

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